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The Grouvia public beta is back after a 3-year hiatus. Join other Grouvie people and join Grouvia today! Create your own group, or search for groups to join.

Wanna Be a Group Organizer?

Unlike other group web applications, Grouvia doesn’t charge you a fee to organize a group! So go ahead… you can create your new group in less than 5 minutes. Then schedule an event or two, upload some pictures or videos, publish a blog or have a discussion with your new group.
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What is Grouvia?

Grouvia is a free web site for clubs, groups and associations. Group organizers use Grouvia to plan and manage their group memberships and activities. Group members use Grouvia to keep track of their group activities, whether they belong to one or many groups.

Are You Looking For Groups To Join?

Grouvia makes it easy for you to track all your group activities in one place, by giving you the tools to find groups with your interests, and attend local events.

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